Monthly Archives: January 2015

Aw, cr*p!



Back in the late 90’s or so, there was this sound file making the rounds on the internet – it was the Windows 98 (or maybe ME) startup chime, which blended into the sound of an explosion (presumably as Microsoft’s operating system lived up to its well-deserved reputation), followed by Krusty the Clown going, “Aw, crap!” I can’t find a copy of that .wav file these days – there’s an updated version with Windows 95 doing what it does best, but I’m pretty sure that came out after the one I’m remembering… Come to think of it, Windows is pretty much unchanged in this respect; there’s always this little voice filled with nagging doubt in the back of my head every time I turn on my PC. It likes to take bets with the rest of my more optimistic mind over whether the OS will actually finish booting up this time. I owe that little voice about half a million dollars because I just don’t learn.

Anyway, this morning I finally restored all the old posts that used to live here and it went smoothly for the most part. There are a few jpeg missing and the YouTube links from posts in 2009 and 2010 seems to be dead now, but to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. I’d expected hours of work reformatting, re-entering and re-writing posts and that didn’t happen. Cue the triumphant, yet relaxing chords of the Windows start up chime…

Then the emails started showing up in my inbox… The six of you who read and subscribe to this website had your RSS feeds flooded with notifications of new 6502lane posts. Something like 70 or 80 of them. Aaaaand there’s the explosion – the sound of Windows failing to finish booting, a sound many of us are so familiar with…

And me yelling, “Aw, crap!”. This was supposed to be a cool thing. Nothing magical, or amazing or anything, but there was a little bit of unique and interesting content stirred into the nauseating miasma of the rest of my drivel and I was happy to have it back. But no… not this time. Instead, an inbox full of slightly chiding messages, letting me know how annoying this was. Okay, six. Not exactly an email folder overflowing with vitriol and spite, but still. And me embarrassed and annoyed as well – probably a muted version of what Bill Gates was feeling when this happened:


Believe me, I get it. Nothing irks me more than weeding duplicate notices out of my RSS reader. Anyway, I suppose the upshot is that most of you unsubscribed, so next time something like this happens, I’ll only have two or three emails, instead of missives from all six of you.