The Software Factory – AstroApple (Tape Distribution)

This archive contains a disk image (13 sector DOS 3.2 format) of the tape distribution of AstroApple, an astrology program by Bob Male, distributed by The Software Factory. The other side of the disk has the diskette distribution, but there were so many bad sectors that the FC5025 couldn’t image it.

Get the archive here.

Someone posted a scan of the manual here (free to view in your browser; downloading apparently requires free registration).


3 thoughts on “The Software Factory – AstroApple (Tape Distribution)

  1. Don Worth

    If I remember correctly, these were full versions of each of the products, unprotected (we didn’t do copy protection before we went to Quality Software. We just stuffed all the files on one diskette to ship to dealers.

  2. Don Worth

    Bob Male and I worked on AstroApple together. It was a port of a Fortran program we wrote at UCLA. Bob worked for an engineering professor who had Fortran subroutines that computed the locations of each planet that he got from Cal Tech. We had to convert the coordinates from heliocentric to geocentric (since astrology assumes all the planets revolve around the earth… lol) It was a pretty cutting edge program for its time – everybody else did table lookups to get the positions. But we were using the Moranus house system which was not as popular as Placidus – so we took some heat from professional astrologers.

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