6502Lane was started as an offshoot of apple2scans.net, which itself is the latest iteration in a long and sometimes rocky evolution of site I started back in 1998 to host scans of Computist, the first Apple II hacker magazine.  Many (most?) of the blog entries here will be commentary or deeper exploration of items I scanned and posted on apple2scans, which I’d like to keep focused on being a library of scans and little else.

If you’re going to repost / re-purpose anything you find here, I’d appreciate a heads up and maybe a link back to this blog, if you feel like it.

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I also co-host a monthly Apple II related podcast called Open Apple and a weekly arcade game podcast called No Quarter.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers the intimacy and subtle graces of face-to-face conversation, I can usually be found dropping a few quarters at the 1UP arcade here in Denver on any given weekend, and I’ll always be wandering the halls at the whatever local pop culture convention happens to be happening.

I have an about.me vanity page that lists other places you can contact me if you find the methods here inconvenient.

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