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The (short-lived) Return of the Tuesday Trivia Contest

So it’s time for another appearance of the Tuesday Trivia Contest.  I doubt this one will be too difficult, but you never know.  A correct guess wins you nothing tangible – just a “good job” and bragging rights amongst the other three readers of 6502Lane.

Like the previous Tuesday Trivias, you have a week to submit your guesses, either in the comments section below or by email.  The first correct answer will end the contest.

I love that most of those Apple II's aren't even plugged in.

So, dear readers.  Can you name that movie?

Update 7/14:  Okay, here Hint #1:  The woman is actress Jan Hooks.

Tuesday Trivia

One of the problems with coming up with a trivia item for something like the Apple II is that it’s been out for more than 30 years.  Quite possibly, everything that can be known about it, already is and by a lot of people.  This makes finding interesting, obscure information a bit tricky to say the least.  That’s one of the reasons I’ve been posting Apple /// trivia instead.  It wasn’t on the market long, and was largely ignored even then.  Still, coming up with fun questions for it has been difficult.  So, Tuesday Trivia this week will be a bit late.  I’ll post it as soon as I can find something interesting.

Tuesday Trivia, Round 2

Okay, this should be an easy one – no chance of a technical inaccuracy like last week.  Everyone knows the Apple /// was a colossal failure for Apple.  Even so, it still managed to make a few appearances on the big and little screen, probably the most famous of which was in 1982’s TRON (see last week’s Tuesday Trivia).  For a hundred geek creds (sorry, I don’t have anything else to offer), from what 1980s-era TV show was this screen capture of an Apple /// in action taken? (No sneaky Googling for it!)


apple iii on screen