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  1. Chris Zuhars

    Hi Mike,
    I may be one of those lurkers who occasionally pops into your site, as well as other Apple II related sites, but doesn’t say anything – just reads and runs.
    I also listen to Open Apple, Drop III Inches, and the RCR podcast religiously as well as read and occasionally post to the A II Enthusiasts group on Facebook. If it wasn’t for that group and the Apple /// group there, I probably wouldn’t have a Facebook account.

    I read your post regarding Ken’s departure from Open Apple and Quinn’s arrival. I’ve absolutely enjoyed each of them and their styles. Quinn is awesome and brings a good technical perspective that I enjoy. Regardless though, I’ve felt that you definitely hold your own as a host and contributor.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done on these podcasts, blogs and other online forums. Your knowledge and perspective have helped me learn and appreciate my Apple II computers, as well as entertained me a great deal. I know producing content like this is a ton of work. But speaking for myself, it is certainly appreciated. I look forward eagerly to each new post and podcast episode.

    Chris Zuhars
    New Braunfels, TX

    1. Mike

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the kind note. Drop /// Inches has reached the end of its run but it’s nice to hear you enjoyed it while it lasted. I’m not on RCR but I think they do a great show over there, even if their more-frequent release schedule allows them to scoop us on pretty much everything. I’m convinced the wrong co-host quit Open Apple but Quinn has done an amazing job. Just imagine how great it could have been with Ken and Quinn.

      Thanks for listening.

  2. Angela Toao

    “has reached the end of its run”

    I’ll pretend that I didn’t see that. /angryfistshake

    Anyway, the point of my dropping by… While looking for something totally unrelated I stumbled upon this and thought that I should point it out. Behold, the wooden Apple III!

    Apologies if you’ve ever mentioned it before, I have the memory of a goldfish. Thanks for the podcast, I’ll be looking forward to the next episode. šŸ˜‰

  3. Michael


    I was wondering if you could send me a reply e-mail, Re: a question I have about Apple III to Apple III+ compatibility.

    I was wondering what surrounding replacement parts (maybe especially different mounting parts) are required, to install an Apple III+ motherboard inside an Apple III+ case computer– in place of the Apple III (not plus) motherboard, that I’ve found an (what I thought was) Apple III+ case has, fully installed well inside of it.

    I was hoping that nothing other than the replacement (III+) motherboard & some tools would be needed.

    But I’m thinking that the III+ motherboard might either need, or ideally (but not necessarily) be fitted with, an Apple III+-specific, surrounding metal mounting tray.

    I’m wondering about this, b/c in studying the (great!) detailed photos w/ comments that you posted on this Web site of the differences between the III & III+ motherboard–

    I see that there’d (ideally) be a hole at a different spot among the motherboard’s back ports, to allow the III+ motherboard’s “stacked on top of its RCA video port” 3.5 mm audio port to have an accessible opening through the metal border at the back of the III+ motherboard.

    Also, I tried lining up next to each other, a photo of the installed back of a III & a III+ motherboard.

    In addition to the 3.5 mm audio port access hole needing to be in a different spot, I’m assuming that to the overall (horizontal) line of back mounted ports must be spaced differently on the III compared to the III+ motherboard, so that the III motherboard has space for its 3.5 mm audio port access hole to have the minimum required physical space to fit next to its RCA video port.

    But I found it tricky– based just on looking at the 2 motherboards’ mounted backs, to see specifically what other (horizontally mounted) back ports are slightly moved in their positioning, in order to create this small extra space on the III motherboard (that the III+ motherboard doesn’t have), for the addition in that horizontal row, of that 3.5 mm hole for the III motherboard’s audio port.

    The most apparent difference I could see between the III & the III+’s back ports (that might account for this small spacing difference), is the more unusual blue [plastic looking] 5.25 external disk drive connection port at the far left. (Compared to a more standard looking, metal 5.25 external disk drive connection port– located in the same relative place– on the installed III+ motherboard).

    My 2nd guess, based just on comparing photos of these 2 motherboards visually, w/o any measurement equipment– is that the III+’s “1 screw on both the left & right of each port” style of port connecter (compared to apparently no screw holes flanking the III motherboard’s back ports), collectively might take up enough extra space to account of why there’s not enough room for the 3.5mm audio port to be configured next to the RCA video port on the III’s motherboard’s installed back.

    (A counter-intutive thing I noticed as part of this line-of-ports comparison, is that the AAPL III motherboard’s blue [plastic?] external 5.25 disk drive port, as well as the “hardware light” appearance of the “no securing left & right screws” — all on the [manufactured earlier in time] Apple III’s motherboard, looks like a more modernized revision of the same ports [including a {cheaper} plastic material used], that I’d anticipate finding, if anywhere, on the [later manufactured] III+ motherboard)!

    So anyway, I’d really appreciate it if you could send me a reply e-mail, if you might know whether I’d be able to replace my (based on all external case parts) III+ computer’s III motherboard, that I’ve found is installed in it.

    Also, I’ve read on a few Online Apple III computer description Web sites (I think including yours), that the metal 5.25 external disk drive port on a III+ motherboard, is not compatible with the Apple III-specfic 5.25 external disk drive (that I currently have connected to & working w/ my installed Apple III motherboard).

    So I was wondering how difficult that you might think it would be, for me to find whatever Apple III+ adapter component(s), that would be needed, to create this compatibility. (And how expensive these adapter component(s) generally are.)

    Anyway, thanks very much! I’d really appreciate any information that you might be kind enough to send me a reply e-mail with, about this Apple III to III+ motherboard substitution process! (And/or any other information about the Apple III &/or III+ computers that you might think it would be helpful for me to know. E.g., whether the III+’s keyboard cable that I assume it has, is compatible w/ a III+ motherboard (as it would seem), or whether it needs an adapter piece, as the external 5.25 Apple III disk drive apparently does.

    Thanks again!

    With Regards,


    1. Michael

      Hi again,

      Also– My 1st thought had been to try to find an Apple III-badged replacement case cover for my Apple III+’s Apple III+-badged cover.

      (Instead of looking to change the (unanticipated when I bought it) III motherboard installed inside my fully Apple III+’s case.)

      So I guess I just was wondering whether — as a possible alternative option — you know of where I could buy just the top lid of an Apple III’s case. (Or maybe — if it’s what’s available — a whole hollow Apple III case, without the expensive of the whole computer inside of it.)

      Related to this question, is–

      Are full, great condition Apple III+ computer systems more valuable as vintage AAPL collectors’ items, than full, great Apple III [not Plus] computer systems?

      Knowing this could help me to decide how much money it makes sense to invest in 1 solution or another, in order to restore this overall vintage AAPL computer to 1 consistent model– an AAPL III or an APPL III+.

      I know that the III+ was sold for a much shorter time. And subjectively, I like its design more.

      But I know (at least regarding AAPL II model computers) that, e.g., an original AAPL II (w/ as low a serial number as possible), has a considerably higher monetary value to vintage AAPL enthusiasts, than does a newer, more capable AAPL II+!

      So if possible, I’d really appreciate it if, if possible, you could let me know about these questions too, in a reply e-mail.

      Thanks again!

      With Regards,


    2. Mike

      Sorry – I’m not sure what to tell you. I posted your questions publicly – maybe someone will have a thought, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. No one reads anything here; I get less than five visitors a month, if my logs are anything to go by.

      – m

  4. John Gemlo


    I am disappointed you couldn’t make it to Kansas Fest this year. I even brought two Apple /// with me. Since you are the Apple /// guru I was hoping you could help me out. As i was packing up one, I noticed what appeared to be tissue paper visible through the expansion card slot openings. I opened it up and found some “critter litter”. I took it totally apart but I did not look at how the power cable was connected to the power supply. The cable is white on one end of the connector followed by grey, purple, blue, green yellow, orange, red, brown and then black on the other side of the connector. My question is do you know if I connect it to the power supply with the white cable on +12v or the black end on +12v? I want to make sure I get it right and not fry anything. If you have any ideas, would you please email me?



    1. Mike

      Hi John,

      I hope you’re enjoying KansasFest. I’m hardly the Apple /// guru, especially when it comes to hardware. I’m just a fan. I have no idea what to tell you regarding the power supply but I imagine there are some people there this week who could help. Good luck.

      – m

  5. Max

    I recently acquired an Apple /// which won’t boot any SOS disks. It will boot Apple ][ emulation, but that is it. My question is are the 5V and 12V logic board interchangeable in the Apple ///. The reason I ask is that when i received the Apple /// it had a 5V logic board in it and yet it worked better with the 5V board in it compared with the 12V board I have.

  6. Achim

    Hi Mike,
    I saw the pictures of ventless Apple II. A lot of work is necessary to do some conservation. I try to acquire a second ventless to my collection. All ROM and CPU of my ventless are white ceramic.
    Just in case you consider to do some negotiation (sell/trade), please contact me.

    1. Mike


      If you’re talking about the pictures I posted to AppleFritter and Flickr, that Apple II doesn’t belong to me and isn’t a production model – it’s a prototype and probably not for sale.



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