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And the Winner is…

I figured this would be an easy one, and it was.  I consider this a good thing, as it encourages participation (and adding a prize didn’t hurt either, I’m sure).  I had seven entrants, all of whom correctly guessed that the screen capture was taken from the 1985 movie, Explorers.


I find it amusing that, in a similar fashion to the image from the previous contest, the Apple IIc used by the kids to control the ship throughout the movie was never visibly plugged in to a power source.  In the scenes shot in the basement of Wolfgang’s house, that makes sense – wires and outlets tend to be tucked away until the plot calls for them.  But this IIc was magical.  It even worked outdoors, sitting on a rock with no electrical outlet in sight.

At one point, Wolfgang pulls a 9-volt battery from a compartment in the monitor and explains that this is how everything is powered, which might make sense except that a single 9-volt cell obviously doesn’t provide enough energy to run an Apple IIc and even if it did, nothing is plugged into the IIc’s power input, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Ah, movie logic.

As an interesting aside, Explorers marked the first major roles for two of its young stars, Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix.  It also featured an unrecognizable Robert Picardo in an early role.  Several, actually.


Anyway, on with the show.

The winner of the 6502Lane Tuesday Trivia Contest, and box of Apple-branded 3.5” floppy disks is…

Joseph Bailey!

Congratulations, Joseph.  I’ll be sending you an email shortly.  To everyone else who participated, thanks for playing along.  This was fun and I’ll probably do it again shortly.

Trivia Contest Prize

Found it! Here’s what the trivia contest winner gets to take home:




It’s a box of 3.5” 800K Apple-branded floppy disks, still sealed.  As I said, nothing major but hopefully not complete crap, either.  Perfect for use with your Apple IIGS, or for sitting on the shelf, collecting dust.

Yet Another Tuesday Trivia Contest

It’s getting late, but it’s still Tuesday in some parts of the world, so here goes.

Yes, it’s yet another installment of the contest that just won’t go away.  This is going up mostly because I haven’t posted anything here for a while – my attention has been focused on the podcast and the scans recently – and I don’t want my three regular readers to get bored and go away.

To make it more interesting, I’m actually giving away a prize to the winner this time.  I’m not going to announce what the prize is just yet (because I have to find it first, and if I can’t locate what I have in mind, I’ll give you something else), but you *will* get something.  It will be small, because this is an easy one, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.

In the case of multiple correct answers, a winner will be chosen at random.  This contest will run until midnight onTuesday, November 8th.

So, dear readers, from what movie is this screencap taken?


Oh, and you’ll need to email the answer to me directly.  No answers in the comments will be accepted.  No naughty copying off your neighbor’s paper.

More Apple III Randomness

Inspired by a recent posting to the comp.sys.apple2 Usenet newsgroup, I went ahead and scanned and posted all four issues of Apple /// Dimensions.  This was a newsletter that Apple published beginning around the time it launched the newly revised Apple III, as a step toward boosting sagging sales.  The revised III, of course, corrected many of the problems found in the original III and came with a reduced price and the option to buy a 5 MB ProFile hard disk drive system.  The newsletter is mostly thinly-veiled advertising, but there are some good bits here and there, such as the “Technical Notes” column.  Additionally, Apple /// Dimensions was intended to shepherd users through the warranty replacement/upgrade process, if they were unlucky enough to own one of the first 14,000 machines out of the factory.

Each newsletter is 8 pages long, and you can download the PDFs here.

As I was scanning, I came across this picture in one of the newsletters.  I couldn’t resist posting it here, because when I start to think of things that might be going through her mind, I start to giggle.



So, without further ado, I’m announcing the first ever (and quite possible last ever) 6502 Lane Photo Caption contest.  I haven’t decided what (if anything) the winner will get, but I’m thinking I’ll actually give away something more than just my undying respect for your quick wit.  Since it’s an Apple III-related picture, whatever I give away will probably be, well, related in some way to the Apple III.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate if you’re not interested in the III, though, right?  I’m mean, c’mon!  It’s my undying respect!

So send me your entry and I’ll pick the winner from what will undoubtedly be a short list.  As I don’t actually know what email address is associate with this site (embarrassing, right?), just use the Contact Us form here and fill in your entry in the body of the message.

Finally, the Apple III has made another Worst Of list.  This time, it shares the ignominious honor with the Lisa and several other top Apple failures in the January 2011 issue of Maximum PC.  The list, handily called “The List” goes where so many have gone before, listing their favorite Apple failures.  Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, remind ‘em how much they used to suck, I guess… (Note: Maximum PC’s web page doesn’t seem to have the list available to browse online, so you’ll actually have to pick up the magazine at your local book store to read it… Or, I guess if you want to throw your money away, you can buy it in this eBay auction.  Only $8.99 + $3.99 shipping.)