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Apple III: RND(x)

A couple of quick Apple III items.

Bill Budge Honored

Did you know famous Apple II programmer Bill Budge (Raster Blaster, Pinball Construction Set) worked on the Apple III graphics driver?  Well, if you read the online edition of Wired magazine, you probably do now.  On February 10, 2011, The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (PDF) will present Budge its second annual Pioneer Award for his groundbreaking work on Pinball Construction Set.  The Apple III connection here is that it was while Budge was working on the driver at Apple that he was inspired by a group of pinball fanatics (that included Woz) at the company to develop his first pinball game, Raster Blaster.

It’s nice to see some of the pioneers and luminaries from the early days of the Apple II industry whose last names aren’t Wozniak or Jobs getting some recognition.  Congratulations, Bill!

More on the 512K Card

Here are a few more shots of the On Three 512K card.  High resolution versions are available in the Picasa gallery.

The On Three 512K card removed from the machine, PROMs and address lines removed.

Close up of the PROM sockets and resistor packs on the 512K board.

An On Three 512K board (top) next to a standard 5v Apple III 256K board