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KansasFest 2011 Announced

Apple II Forever!

The dates for next year’s “Summer Camp for Geeks”, KansasFest 2011 were announced today.  The annual celebration of all things Apple II will once again take place at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri.  Make sure you mark off your calendar for July 19 – 24.  No further details have been announced yet – hey, it’s still 11 months away – but stay tuned!  KansasFest has happened every summer now for more than 20 years and is still going strong, and as an Apple II hobbyist and lover, you really have no excuse not to be there.

Prices haven’t been posted, but if KansasFests past are any indication, saving for registration will cost you just over a dollar a day, if you start  putting your pennies away now.  And really, what can you buy these days for a dollar?  Not much, that’s what.  Where else will you have the opportunity to rub shoulders with your fellow Apple II geeks and luminaries past and present?  Nowhere, that’s where.  So start saving today, so you won’t have to come up with empty excuses next July.

Need more convincing? Take a look through the KansasFest Photo Galleries for a peek at what you’ve already missed.

To paraphrase one of my favorite Apple II geeks, there won’t always been a KansasFest, so make sure you get there!

Apple Graphics Tablet

The pictures of the Apple Graphics Tablet next to an iPad, taken by Ken Gagne at KansasFest and intended as a tongue-in-cheek look at Apple’s design trends, have certainly been making the rounds.  It’s a great photo essay and you should definitely take a look.  I just wanted to take a moment to point out that Tony Diaz’s AGT wasn’t the only one to make an appearance at KFest.  This one, generously donated to me by another KFest’er, was also there.  The overlay is part of the Designer’s Toolkit, an option add-on that Apple sold.

AGT AGT-serial

Designer's Tool Kit


stop posting


You know, I need to hire a full-time assistant to follow me around all day whose only job would be to intervene whenever I forget who I am and try to volunteer for public speaking, interviews, or anything that might involve interfacing with more than two people at a time.  All he or she would have to do is politely interject whenever such an opportunity arises and remind me that I’m a terrible public speaker and will probably regret it in the morning.  Case in point: my KansasFest report with the guys over at RetroMacCast.  Now recorded and posted for posterity, the latest RetroMacCast podcast includes a ten-minute discussion with myself and the hosts James and John, during which I basically forgot everything that goes on at KansasFest.  In a voice that grows increasingly strained with tension and higher in pitch as the interview wears on, I also skip most of the things and people I wanted to mention.  Epic…

Suffice it to say, between the interview and the recent Apple /// presentation debacle, my communications with the retrocomputing public will be restricted from here on out to this blog (which no one reads, fortunately) and the occasional error-filled post on comp.sys.apple2.  Assuming I can keep my mouth shut next time someone asks for volunteers.   Yeesh…